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Fat Panda Bikes

Bamboo frames

Sustainable & Strong Bicycles

Bamboo Fat Bikes

Back at our favorite beach side campground 😍😍 with our bamboo bike

Fat bikes keep you riding on snow and sand. The bamboo frames on these fat bikes are a light, but strong option to bring you to the places you want to go on your next bicycle adventure. The components that are built into each Fat Panda Bike are chosen for durability to ensure that your fat bike will not quit on you while you are riding. The fat bike tires are hand-built to fit size of the custom frames and can be built to suit the size of the rider. These bamboo bikes ensure you have a comfortable ride in style, and are a real head-turner in public.

The fat bike trikes are unique in style with a generously sized rear basket that allows you to carry everything you may want to bring on your next leisurely bicycle riding adventure. The stability of a trike encourages riders of all skill levels and ages to keep riding bicycles, although sharp turns on any trike is discouraged. 

Although originally built to provide a picture perfect beach fat bike experience on the coasts of Oregon, we are currently providing fat bike rentals and sales in Prescott, Arizona. The custom nature of each fat bike and the hand built artisinal quality of the finishes make each bamboo Fat Panda bike an investment into a future of many happy rides.

about us

We are a small family business that is based in Prescott Arizona. We love to partner with local businesses and want to share the fun of riding fat bikes with others. If you are interested in partnering with us as a rental location please contact us at:



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